Community Involvement

Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital (RUNH) considers health as a Fundamental Human Rights. Over the years, the hospital has been involved in the community through several programs which includes Medical camps, Community Based Rehabilitation Programs and Nutrition program.

To achieve its key mission and objective, the hospital has partnered with other organizations located in the marginalized areas within Nairobi North Eastern.

Medical Camps- The hospital conducts free medical camps to offer Antenatal care and General treatment to the less privileged in the aforementioned areas. Antenatal care entails a comprehensive review by our gynecologist. The general treatment entails the normal treatment depending with patients complaints.

Community based rehabilitation project (CBRP)-The program is initiated with a view of improving the life conditions for children’s living with disabilities within the slum areas. The patients are offered therapy sessions, training among others.

Nutrition Project- The project is aimed at identifying malnourished children in the slums area and later putting them in the treatment program.

Child protection Unit & Gender Based Violence

Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital works
closely with the local administrators especially in the Child protection and
Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV).