Incineration Services/Medical Waste Disposal

RUNH incineration services are a proven solution to your disposal needs.
We reduce your hazardous waste to its base elements as we protect the environment for all
Our incinerator is well maintained and has a capacity to incinerate 25kg per Hour.
We are fully licensed by NEMA for waste incineration and management

We offer incineration services for the following type of waste

  • Infectious waste:This waste contaminated with blood and bodily fluids, bacteria’s and stocks of infectious agents from laboratory work, or waste from patients in isolation wards and the equipment used;
  • Sharps:Syringes, needles, disposable scalpels and blades,
  • Pharmaceuticals: Expired, unused and contaminated drugs
  • Non-hazardous or general waste: Waste that does not pose any particular biological, chemical, radioactive or physical hazard e.g. Sanitary Pads.
  • Paper Recycling: If paper is made out of wood, what happens when you try to reverse the process?
    We have founded partnerships which work in the most innovative ways to create recycle and reused already used paper materials.

We are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 3:30 pm