Installation of a medical oxygen supply tank

The recent installation of a medical oxygen supply system is part of a project implemented in Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital (RUNH) with the contribution of the World Friends Kenya and Albacare foundation.  It will be supplied by the British Oxygen Company (BOC) as one of the preparedness and response measures geared towards catering and managing the COVID-19 cases in Nairobi, Kenya. The medical oxygen supply system will ensure a stable, affordable and reliable oxygen supply reserve to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other medical emergencies.

A recent survey of the emergency care centers across Kenya over 30% of the facilities did not have a regular supply of oxygen. Close to 90% of those with oxygen did not have piped oxygen in the emergency department and delivered oxygen directly from the tanks to the patient.

According to the WHO, oxygen therapy is recommended for all severe and critical COVID-19 patients. Boosting the capacity to deliver oxygen therapy is the cornerstone of the overall approach to managing the outbreak and it has implications for the functioning of the entire system. For these reasons, the facility has been equipped with functioning oxygen systems, with oxygen delivery interfaces, using a pipeline intra‐hospital oxygen distribution networks.

The Piped Medical Oxygen is supplied to the various departments at RUNH such as Casualty, the new Isolation Ward, Special Clinic, Paediatric Ward, Theatre (recovery room), Labour Ward and the New-born Unit offering simultaneous oxygen access in order to offer advanced patient care.In line with the Sustainable Development Goal 13:  Climate Action, RUNH and BOC officials held a tree planting session during a brief handover session of the medical oxygen supply system. The planting of trees around the Oxygen tank enabling RUNH to contribute to the regulation of climate conditions, environmental conservation and to the general wellbeing of the planet.